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Go back in time to Ancient Greece; 1300BC when Agamemnon reigns in Mycenae, Troy is the dominant power of the region, the Greek kingdoms are fighting to survive, and even their gods are beginning to abandon them. A hero must rise, or their civilization will fall.

Travel with a young Prince Odysseus of Ithaca, as he enters the deadly and secret war of the gods. Condemned by every god except his patron Athena, he must unravel prophecies and negotiate the tangle of politics and warfare that is dragging Greece toward ruin - or all he knows and loves will fail. 

Olympus is a project David Hair has co-authored with fellow New Zealand writer Cath Mayo, and the initial three books are:


  1. Athena's Champion (out now)
  2. Oracle's War (to be released in 2019)
  3. Sacred Bride (to be released in 2019)

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Athena's Champion is out now, through Canelo UK.