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The Ghost Bride

Mumbai, October 2010: Bollywood actress Sunita Ashoka will marry the man who wins her hand in Swayamvara Live, a reality show on television. Vikram Khandavani decides to participate, for he needs to draw out his nemesis Ravindra. It’s a deadly gamble, one that could cost him everything and everyone he loves.

North India, 1175: King Prithviraj Chauhan is about to storm the swayamvara of the beautiful Sanyogita. But Ravindra is coming, riding at the side of a fierce invader. Only Vikram, in his life as Chand Bardai, stands between Ravindra and all the thrones of India.

In the second book of the engrossing The Return of Ravana series the action oscillates from the floodlit studios of Mumbai to the glittering Rajput courts, while Vikram-Chand and his friends battle an age-old adversary whose power is growing like never before . . .

His blend of history, fantasy and everyday India gives colour and depth to this most readable and, at times, disquieting narrative. Recommended.
Magpies Magazine

No soul could so well capture the essence of our country in their writings were they not born Indian in one of their reincarnations.
This book, second in the series, ends on a very suggestive note that a third will follow close on its heels. Even though I may be well beyond the target age group, I can’t wait to read it.
Magandeep Dingh, Asian Age 


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