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The Taniwha's Tear

- Storylines Notable Books YA Fiction List, 2011 

When Matiu Douglas and his friends defeated Puarata, the tohunga makutu, they thought they’d won the war. Instead they started one. Now his warlocks are fighting for supremacy in a violent struggle spreading across the magical land of Aotearoa and into our world. The outcome will be determined by the taniwha Mat has promised to save.

But Mat is about to discover no-one can be trusted when your enemies have already mastered powers he has barely begun to learn. Can loyalty and friendship prevail over centuries-old evil?

In The Bone Tiki, David Hair began a cycle of compelling, action-packed fantasy novels, steeped in the mythology and history of New Zealand, that will terrify and captivate readers of all ages.

Reviews for The Taniwha's Tear

I loved how this book expanded upon the ghost world of Aotearoa, including mentions of ghost worlds in other parts of the world and how other characters of both normal and magical status interact with it.
Reviewed by Catherine Haines

He has produced a full-on New Zealand book that deals with our land and its peoples without pretension or self-consciousness. There is nothing “twee” about it. The Taniwha’s Tear is simply a rollicking good action adventure told with a refreshing maturity.
Manawatu Standard

This was a compelling read that was every bit as gripping as anything J K Rowling has ever written and more so.
Bay Weekend


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