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King of Lanka

There is no escape from destiny . . . is there?

For four teenagers trapped in its story-cycle, the Ramayana is not just a tale. It is their fate!

In every life they have ever lived, Vikram, Amanjit, Rasita and Deepika have been persecuted and killed by Ravindra, who aspires to the throne of Ravana the Demon-King. Now Rasita is a captive of Ravindra, and demonic beings thought to be mythical are rallying to him. His triumph seems inevitable. Vikram and Amanjit must rescue her, though in every past life, Vikram has died at Ravindra’s hands. This time, failure is not an option. This time if Ravindra wins, it will be forever.

Age-old mysteries must be uncovered and forgotten powers regained, as the quest to free Rasita and end the tyranny of Ravindra moves toward the final, heart-stopping climax and a finale that is as startling as it is electrifying.

Reviews for King of Lanka

Overall, David Hair's flair for writing draws you into a complex and implausible world where nothing is what it appears to be. This is a rare and gripping story with a command for unfiltered emotions set on display with a favoured  yet unaccustomed finale. A worthy read but try not to take it too personally!

Pragadish Kirubakaran
The Hindu Chennai