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The Sunsurge Quartet

The fourth book of The Sunsurge Quartet now out (large format and e-book only).


They called her the Empress of the Fall . . . and now her empire is falling apart.

Lyra, Queen of Rondelmar, has fought enemies without and within, dealt with grief and loss, embraced forbidden magic, found her father and borne a child – and still it isn’t enough. Her enemies are on the march and the Rondian Empire is collapsing.

But a more dangerous adversary is out there . . . and he is winning. Ervyn Naxius, amoral genius, has unleashed war on two continents and now laughs as the world of Urte tears itself apart. Kings and priests dance to his tune and his daemonic followers are spreading through the lands, but still he isn’t satisfied. His ultimate goal – absolute control of all life – is finally within his reach…

Are these the Last Days, when the daemons rise up to claim the world?

From snowbound Mollachia to the beleaguered walls of Norostein, from the poisonous court of the new sultan to the deadly intrigues of Pallas, the omens are clear. Only Lyra and a handful of other heretical dwymancers have grasped the true danger – and they won’t give up until every last hope is buried . . .


‘Superb  . . . a top 5 of the year for me’ Fantasy Book Critic

‘Increasingly addictive . . . Adult fantasy lovers who enjoy historical fiction and intricate political plots will love this book’ A Bohemian Mind

‘I continue to be impressed by the way Hair takes some very familiar, almost trite, ideas and spins them in a new way. Epic fantasy is not dying, my friends, it is just moving in new directions’ Fantasy Review Barn

‘Filled with action, adventure, magic, love, danger and hope. This is a series I cannot recommend enough’ C.E. Tracy, author of The Chronicles of the Fallen

Book Watch

OUT NOW: SORCERER'S EDGE; Book 3 of the Tethered Citadel trilogy

After all they’ve suffered, rebel sorcerer Raythe Vyre and his fortune-seekers are still empty-handed, but they’ve found real treasure: peace.

Deep inside the Ice wastes, Raythe’s people stumbled upon Rath Argentium, the legendary Aldar city, and the long-lost Tangato people. After fighting through betrayal, treachery and powerful magic, they forged a hard-won treaty with the Tangato and their extraordinary queen, Shiazar. Now they’ve put aside their dreams of wealth and revenge and embraced something better: a life outside the tyrannical Bolgravian Empire.

But the Bolgravian Empire never gives up.


The empire hasn’t forgotten Raythe Vyre, and his enemies know where he is. Guided by Toran Zorne, the implacable imperial assassin, they are coming to claim Rath Argentium for themselves. Raythe and Shiazar know all too well that courage and cunning won’t be enough this time: they are outnumbered, out-gunned and out of time.  


Faced with total annihilation, it’s up to Raythe to find an edge . . . 



‘A page-turning adventure filled with excitement and intriguing characters. For those loving an epic fantasy with plenty of sword-fights, gun-play, bare-fisted combat and battles between sorcerers, this book’s for you’ Amazing Stories

‘There’s a lot of cool stuff, ancient civilisations, magic, a heist, personal loss, love, and humour. I enjoyed this so much’  Alalhambra Book Reviews

A fast-paced, entertaining read, set within a world that I want to explore more of’ Beneath A Thousand Skies on Map’s Edge

‘Hair is a talented storyteller and Map's Edge a satisfying and fun read, entertaining and rewarding that will sate the appetite of any fantasy lover looking for an epic adventure'  The Tattooed Book Geek


‘The magic and the world-building [which] are tied together in a way I found really interesting’ The Fantasy Inn on Map’s Edge

Recent News

ConZealand 2020

David was a presenter at ConZealand, giving a presentation on aspects of WORLD-BUILDING FOR FANTASY. Here's a PDF of his presentation powerpoint, for those interested in a permanent record - click here.


Third OLYMPUS book now out!

The full Olympus trilogy, co-authored with fellow New Zealand author Cath Mayo, is out now!

It's set in ancient Greece, just prior to the Trojan War.

Book one is Athena's Champion, Book Two is Oracle's War, and Book Three is Sacred Bride.

Please note that the publisher Canelo distributes primarily by ebook: though they also do Print On Demand (POD).

The books are fantasy novels told from the point of view of Odysseus, the wily hero whose exploits are told fully in Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey. The Olympus series is a prequel to those epics, and relates how Odysseus, a young Bronze Age prince from a remote island kingdom, won his reputation for cunning and martial prowess.

The Bronze Age kingdoms of Achaea (modern Greece) face the rising dominance of Troy, a powerful kingdom aligned to the mighty Hittite Empire. Even their own gods are divided between these two powers. Follow Odysseus as he enters this deadly struggle, discovering his secret heritage while doing battle for and against some of the greatest heroes of the age. Enter the world of Theseus, Agamemnon, Achilles and Helen of Troy. Face the terrors of Hades realm, walk the Serpent’s Path and learn the secrets of the oracles, and encounter the terrifying ancient Gods.

For more information, click here.