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Ascendant's Rite



The Moontide is ending. As  the seas rise to engulf the Leviathan Bridge and once again separate East and West, Emperor Constant unleashes the final phase of his earth-shattering plan to conquer the known world.

The Lost Legions are trapped between two massive armies, beset by their own as well as the Sultan’s forces, because they are bearing secrets that could tear apart the Empire. Seth and Ramon are going to need all of their cunning, tenacity and bravery if they are to get their men across the Bridge to safety.

In Javon, Cera Nesti, once again Queen-Regent for her brother Timori, is leading the Javonesi rebellion against the overwhelming might of the Rondian Empire. She needs the skill and courage of her friends if the kingdom is to survive – but first, she must regain their trust.

Most crucially, the Scytale of Corineus – the key to becoming an all-powerful Ascendant mage – has fallen into deadly hands: the Seeress Huriya and the Inquisitor Malevorn. Alaron and Ramita must prevent the rise of a terrifying new power, but to do so they need the aid of a woman infamous as the ‘Queen of Evil’, and a small group of Zain monks who have retreated from the world and taken a vow of peace.

But there is no place for peace in this war-torn world. The time has come for the Rite of Ascendancy to be performed, and for new powers to rise – to save or damn Urte for all time.