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The Lost Tohunga

Everyone thinks Ngatoro-i-rangi is long dead, but Matiu Douglas knows he’s alive: because he hears the legendary tohunga’s voice inside his head!

With exams approaching, all Mat really wants to do on his break in Taupo is a bit of study, and catch up with his magical mentor, Aethlyn Jones. But the secret struggle of the warlocks to dominate the hidden land of Aotearoa is spilling into modern New Zealand, and nowhere is safe. The warlocks are seeking Te Iho - The Heart - Puarata’s secret powerbase. Find it and they will hold sway in both worlds.

When Jones is attacked and a fellow protégé kidnapped, Mat finds himself caught up in a deadly no-holds-barred struggle, on a path to Te Iho that is littered with death.

Reviews for The Lost Tohunga

The action comes thick and fast as a band of evil warlocks compete to locate the hideout of the dead tohunga, Puarata – whoever finds it will assume his mantle of power. The wizard hero, Mat, along with his magical and non-magical friends, races to get there first and free the trapped souls whose essences provide the magic power. There’s heaps of violence, plenty of bloodshed, a few dollops of horror, and several gory deaths – so don’t recommend this series to readers of tender age. Teens should read the books in the series consecutively – the plot is complex and the cast of characters is wide.
Reviewed by Lorraine Orman (

This is the most entertaining fantasy story set in this country I have read... Exceptional story-telling about a Maori-European boy destined, like Harry Potter, to achieve great things. His struggles, with some memorable characters helping him to achieve his destiny are rich with Maori mythology and make for great reading.
Iain Duffy, Northern Advocate