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Mage's Blood

For years the Leviathan Bridge was a boon for prosperity and culture. But when the Rondian Emperor turned his avaricious eyes toward it, peace became war. In successive crusades the Imperial legions and their mighty battle-mages plundered the East unopposed.

Now the Moontide has come again, the Bridge is rising from beneath the waves, and the Third Crusade is poised for release. The board is set and the pieces are moving. But three lowly pawns, barely regarded, threaten the game: A failed mage, a jaded mercenary and a lowly market-girl are about to be catapulted into the maelstrom. Their choices and their courage are about to change the world.

Come to Urte, where the moon covers half the sky and the tides render the seas impassable. Where windships ply the skies and magi with god-gifted powers rule the earth. Where East and West are divided by colour, creed, language and the sea, but drawn to each other irrevocably in a dance of life and death. The Moontide is coming, to sweep away all in its path.

Releasing in UK, New Zealand and Australia in October, in both print and electronic formats.

Mage's Blood available through available through Amazon UK and Amazon US

Reviews for Mage's Blood

"This is one of those books that is so epic, that gets you so involved and is such an investment in time and emotion, that there is a little sting of regret that the ending had to come at all and you immediately want to go back to the beginning and see how much riper it is second time around. If you like your fantasy with a vast cast and a varied and intricate landscape then this is definitely for you."
- The British Fantasy Society, Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins

 "I love a story that takes the reader onto a journey not only of a new world but one that feels rounded through the use of politics, double dealing, vengeance and a quest that leads changes that will echo throughout the annals of time. All this and more happens in David Hair’s debut, Mage’s Blood the first book in the Moontide Quartet.

The writing is crisp, the characters full of vigour and desires which when they become banded together really gives the story something to focus upon as the bonds grow stronger. Add to this an overall arc that has a huge epic scale which when added to solid dialogue alongside combat really gives the reader a sense of grandeur. All in a great debut and one I’ll look forward to reading more from."
- Review by Falcata Times

The plot and characters captured my imagination, carrying me on the waves of action to the hiatus between books. Apart from my reservations listed in the spoilers section, I LOVED Mage’s Blood and highly recommend it.
- Reviewed by Nalini Singh (on the Dark Matters website)

Mage's Blood, first book of the Moontide Quartet, has been released in the US; and was included in AMAZON's BEST SFF 2013 books list, after a terrific critical response. Mage's Blood has been translated into BULGARIAN, TURKISH, DUTCH and GERMAN, with the latter two countries also having now released indigenous language versions of Scarlet Tides. Audiobooks, produced in America, are also available of the Moontide Quartet.

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