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The Sunsurge Quartet

Introducing... The Sunsurge Quartet

Set in Urte, the same world as The Moontide Quartet, this new series picks up the tale with a new group of central characters, facing new challenges in parts of Urte we've not previously spent time.

In Pallas, the disaster of the Third Crusade mean that regime change is in the air: the masters of political duplicity, manipulation and murder take to the stage, and a naive young woman is thrust into the center of the turmoil. Can she and those she cares for survive?

In the East, a peace-loving sultan faces the most deadly test of his reign, and faces treachery at the highest levels, as the call for a war of revenge against the West grows impossible to ignore.

In a hidden mountain kingdom, the world's problems are brought into sharp focus when an old heretical form of magic re-emerges, one that may threaten life itself.

And behind everything stand the Masked Cabal, a secret society formed by an amoral genius, whose goal seems to be the destruction of civilization itself.

Return to Urte, a world at war, where magic and intrigue are the weapons of choice.