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Prince of the Spear (Sunsurge Book 2)



With the Leviathan Bridge critically damaged and its towers unable to control the skies between Yuros and Antiopia, the East has invaded the West. A vast windfleet, constructed in secret, is winging across the Pontic Sea.

The holy Shihad has begun.

The Rondian Empire is divided and weak, in no position to mount a defence. The young Empress Lyra has barely survived a coup, triggered by a masked cabal whose members still remain concealed in the highest echelons of her court. Only her secret affinity to a heretical power saved her – but it’s also her most dangerous weakness.

Time is running out.

As empires clash, lives are torn apart and long-held beliefs are overthrown by circumstance and desperation. Two princes will soon clash in the skies above Yuros – and the fate of nations will ride on their skills.

And all the time, in the background, are the Masks, who are plotting a whole new world – no matter who wins the war.


SciFiNow on Empress of the Fall

‘Dizzying movement, plunging headfirst into a convoluted series of plots, unraveling alliances, and tightening nooses’