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World's Edge

WORLD'S EDGE is Book Two of The Tethered Citadel trilogy.

When Raythe Vyre’s refugees fled the tyrannical Bolgravian empire, they were seeking treasure – but they found so much more. 

Hundreds of miles inside a desolation of ice, Raythe and his misfits have found the legendary Rath Argentium, the royal city of the Aldar, impossibly preserved for five centuries – and a potential treasure trove of the priceless magical ore, istariol.

It’s enough wealth and power to change lives – and history. 

But the lands around Rath Argentium aren’t empty. They’re the realm of the Tangato, a lost people keeping alive the memory of the fabled Aldar, a race of sorcerers of immense power. To them, Raythe’s people are not just trespassers, but harbingers of doom – and they must die. 

Raythe, his precocious daughter Zar and their companions are about to face deadly treachery, sorcery and war, in a place where the horrors that destroyed the Aldar still lurk. 

At the world’s edge, the merest slip will see them fall . . .