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Magic and Makutu

For Matiu Douglas, apprentice tohunga, the ultimate test of his skill, courage and magical prowess awaits. Hine-nui-te-po, Goddess of Death, is calling and from all across Aotearoa, those who dream of power and immortality are gathering for the struggle. Mat and his friends must face old enemies and new as they seek to prevent the destruction of a city and the inexorable rise of evil. To succeed will bring immortality, power and the love of the goddess. To fail is to die, and doom the land.

Return to Aotearoa, where past, present, myth and magic dwell together in one timeless, unforgettable place.



Hair does a marvellous job of building and maintaining suspense throughout the 307 pages to deliver a thoroughly satisfying read. Not only does Magic and Makutu deal with dark sorcery, it explores aspects of love and mateship as well.

If you’ve followed the series, Magic and Makutu will be satisfying in its final act, but there will be a tinge of sadness to be leaving its finely crafted cast.

Mervyn Dykes, Manawatu Standard, April 2014



This is the final book in the six-book series of young adult novels that time-slip between the past world of Aotearoa and contemporary New Zealand. It’s a ripping good yarn full of power and passion. The backstory of the previous five books is outlined in the early pages so this book can still be understood and enjoyed by readers new to the series. Although it takes some concentration to understand the part each character plays, it’s worth the effort to become absorbed in the unfolding drama. When the story launches into the heart of the action it’s a fantastic ride.

The interaction and dialogue between the characters is well-written and the relationships are fully believable. It’s a battle between good and evil, the tug of loyalties, a test of true friendship, tough choices, and the human need for love.

This New Zealand series gives a glimpse of the past that shaped this country and interweaves it with skilful storytelling and mysterious events that will have readers questioning what is real in today’s world and what is magical. Outstanding!

Jean Bennett, Bookrapt


This is the 6th and final novel in the Aotearoa series and it ties all the loose ends up and finishes strongly after high powered action in the Past world of Aotearoa, the present world of New Zealand and in the heavens. It can also be seen as an action adventure novel where the heroes kill their enemies, find the girl and save the world.

I really enjoyed this novel where history and Maori myth and legend merge. It is splendid story telling. My favourite scene is a meeting in the past world of Aotearoa by ex prime Ministers Seddon, Savage, Ballance etc to discuss the destroyed Treaty. Great humour.

I am sorry to see the end of this series which began with the excellent Bone Tiki. Do yourself a favour and read them all. High school students and young adults.

Bob's Book Blog, April 2014