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Feeding the Muse (or, "Topping up on India")

When I had just arrived in India in 2007, my plan was to complete a financial planning diploma, to try and stay current in financial services (though I'd just sent a manuscript to a publisher and didn't know it then but it was soon to be accepted and change my priorities). I was sitting at the computer one morning, my wife Kerry on whose ticket we were in India was at her office (which happened to be 100 yards away on the same compound), and I was checking the news before knuckling down to do some study.

Cultural Amnesia

Hello! A couple of weeks ago, the translator for the German edition of Scarlet Tides got in touch with quite an interesting question about the story. He'd picked up that in the prehistory of Urte (the world of the Moontide series), an asteroid strike destroyed an isthmus linking the western continent of Yuros to the Eastern Ahmedhassa/Antiopia. I'd dated that at 1500 years before the action of the Moontide Quartet, and he was asking: "Isn't that too recent? Wouldn't everyone know about it? Wouldn't there be visible traces", which are really good questions.

Welcome! And some thoughts on using the real world to inspire Fantasy

Greetings! This is my self-published blog (I've guest-blogged on a couple of other websites in the past, but have until now not written anything for my own website.). But I think it might be worthwhile sharing some thoughts of my writing as the audience for the Moontide Quartet steadily grows. If you've found yourself this far in, please have a read and I hope you enjoy and find it interesting. Here we go...

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Feeding the Muse (or, "Topping up on India")
11/13/2014 4:30 PM | David
Cultural Amnesia
10/24/2014 5:58 PM | David
Welcome! And some thoughts on using the real world to inspire Fantasy
7/30/2014 5:19 PM | SuperUser Account


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