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Scarlet Tides

Book Two in the Moontide Quartet is out! (in USA: Large Format; in UK/NZ: Paperback).

The Moontide has come and the Leviathan Bridge stands open: now thrones will shake and hearts will be torn apart in a world at war.

A scarlet tide of Rondian legions is flooding into the East, led by the Inquisition’s windships flying the Sacred Heart, bright banner of the Church’s darkest sons. They are slaughtering and pillaging their way across Antiopia in the name of Emperor Constant. But the emperor’s greatest treasure, the Scytale of Corineus, has slipped through his fingers and his ruthless Inquisitors must scour two continents for the artefact, the source of all magical power.

Against them are the unlikeliest of heroes. Alaron, a failed mage, the gypsy Cymbellea and Ramita, once just a lowly market-girl, have pledged to end the cycle of war and restore peace to Urte.

East and West have clashed before, but this time, as secret factions and cabals emerge from the shadows, the world is about to discover that love, loyalty and truth can be forged into weapons as strong as swords and magic.

Book Watch

The third book of the Moontide Quartet, Unholy War, is now out in UK and Australasia!!!

The struggle between crusade and shihad intensifies in the wake of the Battle of Shaliyah, the stakes are inexorably rising, and no-one is safe. Follow Alaron, Ramita, Elena, Kazim, Ramon and Cym as they battle enemies seen and unseen in an unholy maelstrom of war, love and revenge.

Recent News

Mage's Blood, first book of the Moontide Quartet, has been released in the US; and was included in AMAZON's BEST SFF 2013 books list, after a terrific critical response.

Mage's Blood is also being translated into TURKISH and in GERMAN, with public release coming in a few months time.

Dark Matter

David Hair talks about the inspirations for Mage’s Blood, first book of the Moontide Quartet: Read 

Fantasy Book Critic

Fantasy Book Critic were first to review Scarlet Tides, Moontide Quartet 2: and it was a big thumbs up: here's the review!

Inner Selves, and Writing What You Know: David wrote a guest blog for Fantasy Book Critic recently. Click here to check it out: Read

Also, Mage's Blood made the site's book critic Mihir's top 10 books of 2012: find out more here: FBC - Mihir's Top 10 of 2012